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Caecis Manibus $0.75
Publisher: Michael Brown
by Richard T. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/13/2018 17:07:03

I cannot fault the writing, idea or the format of what really is a 1 page adventure. The issue I have is I would prefer to have punted a few more £££ on a book of these one page adventures. I am sure there are bundle or collections of them but the format of other products such as 101 or 50 <insert thing> is preferable than a single article. At 50p it's a cheap purchase though.

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Creator Reply:
I don't consider the OGL license as a page of the document, even though it's required (thus, "one-page" or one page less than the sidebar on the product page says.) After writing 10 of them, I create bundles of them (7 so far, with an eighth on the way) because there was a demand for them. I might do an omnibus with all the published ones to date, But I haven't decided when. Either way, thanks for your support!
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Caecis Manibus
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