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Chris Perrin's Mecha $29.99 $10.00
Publisher: Heroic Journey Publishing
by Customer Name Withheld [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/25/2016 20:00:32

This is a finely written game that allows any anime giant robot (or armored suit) type of setting you would like to try. Using the combat circle takes a bit of getting used to but the abstract nature allows for everything from simple skirmish encounters to full on city invasions. The focus stays on the characters and the unique, structured role playing cycle allows every character to get a moment in the sun. Three settings, called "setting Reference Schematic" or SRS, are given with great intros and enough detail to take a group right into some fascinating action. I was luck enough to play in a setting at KantCon in KC and discovered just how flexible the system was. Not only did we have four battles (from a simple skirmish to the climatic final battle) but we went through three full role playing rounds where everyone had a chance to explore the town, hunt down hidden agenda's, and even attempt to start a bar fight (which was ever more fun because the the character actually failed to do so - being laughed out of the bar!) Note that all this was acomplished, including the GM giving a full description of the setting and the game, in just four hours. I would probably not recommend the system for a long session as, being d6 based, it can get godlike fairly quickly as characters will quickly - in my evaluation - top out their skills. However for short campaigns of a half dozen sessions (like a single season) the game should be fresh and fun for all. The author even gives a good outline of how to get your group to help create, and thus invest in, the setting and story. Really good information1

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Chris Perrin's Mecha
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