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Rocketships of Pulp Destruction
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Rocketships of Pulp Destruction
Publisher: LPJ Design
by Matteo G. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 04/18/2017 10:21:16

In its current state, this product is not well made, for a simple reason, it wasn't checked enough and so it wasn't corrected. For instance, the table detailing the venusian starship weapons is wrong, a literal copy paste of the chronian starship weapons table, this mistake leaves one of the three races without any weapons for their vessels. This error should be easy to correct, the second chronian table should be substituted with the correct venusian weapon table. The product is otherwise interesting, it expands the rules for the starships from d20 modern, using them in a different setting, inspired by the old pulp novels, i really like it and i think it could be valued at least 4 stars out of five, but only if the reported error will be corrected.

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