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The Gentle Ladies Tea and Monstrosity Destroying and Quilting Circle Auxiliary
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The Gentle Ladies Tea and Monstrosity Destroying and Quilting Circle Auxiliary


Bother the apocalypse. Bother demons. Bother failure. Bother many things.

The Gentle Ladies’ Tea & Monstrosity Destroying & Quilting Circle Auxiliary is a Machine Age Production. It is a game about destroying nuisances before they ruin tea. Because no matter how wicked the end of times, there's no excuse for incivility. This is not post-apocalyptic, it is proper-apocalyptic.

You will have need of dice. Four sided, six, eight, ten, twelve, and twenty. As is traditional. Remember extras for guests! Set your center piece on the credenza and gather your dice in its stead. You will have need of some notions. Buttons, thimbles, or perhaps a helping of macaroons. One shouldn’t face the forces of evil without a taste of sweetness, after all. Pencils are also quite useful!

Oh my dear! I’m so glad you could finally join us. I know Margret can be a touch, shall we say, picky about who gets these invitations, but now that you’ve risen to her approval, welcome! I thought as we’ve gotten together to craft, stitch, and destroy the blackest souls of destruction, it would only be proper as a hostess to give you every comfort. Make yourself at home, there’s tea. You’ll need honey, as we’ve no sugar cubes. Radiation does silly things to the sugar cubes, sadly.

As well as the game itself, we've included print files. This way, you can print and staple your own copy. Print the cover. Then each alternating page is a front/back combo. So, pages 2-3 are front/back, 4/5, 6/7, 8/9.  

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    September 1st, 2012
    I really loved this product. I game with several lady-gamers, all in their thirties or forties. These are smart gals, wives and mothers most of them, and they DO show up at the gaming table with knitting projects and their latest baking experiment! [...]
    August 8th, 2012
    The Gentle Ladies Tea and Monstrosity Destroying and Quilting Circle Auxiliary is a 'micro game', a bare-bones RPG using the Fuck Armageddon game rules and setting but with an entirely different tone and style. Written in a breezy, Edwardian or Victori [...]
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